Quality Custom Doors and Installation

Quality doors combine exceptional craftsmanship, durable materials, and precise engineering, offering both aesthetic appeal and reliable security, while enhancing the overall functionality and value of any space they grace.

The Trusted Choice for Doors in the Ohio Valley

Doors come in steel, wood, fiberglass and other materials. The can come pre-finished or stainable. Help with selecting the right door for your budget is what we do best. Give us a call for a free quote. You can select from the manufacturers below and many more. Polaris, Pella, ThermaTru, Home-guard and Provia are leaders in in the manufacturing of quality entry and patio doors for your business or home.

Entry doors on a home can either be a source of pride or dread for a homeowner. Pride comes from having entry doors that look stunning and operate perfectly. Dread when their entry doors are rusted through, pieces are falling off, or you need to “know the trick” to open them. Creegans Windows Plus gives the consumer looking for an entry door the outlet to navigate the complex door market and end up with a sense of pride upon completion of any door project. By using the best door manufacturers in the industry, having extensive knowledge of those products, and combining that with expert installation services Creegan’s Windows Plus is the place to find your next entry door for your home.

Trying to pick styles and colors of doors can be difficult but we have tools to help. We can take a picture of your house and superimpose different styles of doors, letting you see what our doors look like on your house.

Check out some of the entry door project pictures below to help you select the next door for your home.


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